Accipiter Avian Radar at JFK International
Jim With Radar
John F. Kennedy International Airport
Inside Avian Radar Trailer
FOD Testing Grid
FOD Testing with Clipboard
FOD Walk at Changi International Airport
Trex FOD Finder at Chicago O'hare
Chicago O'Hare international Airport
Avian Radar Testing at Skagit Wildlife Reserve
Stratech iFerret FOD Detection System
FOD Testing at dusk at O'Hare

Research Group Bio - Wendell Bunch

917 Burma Rd.
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
office: 217.722.3724

Wendell Bunch is a zoologist and wildlife biologist who has been a member of the ASMP team for four years.  A Navy veteran with over 29 years of service he attained the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer. Upon retirement from active duty he completed his associate degree in biology at Skagit Valley Community College. He then completed a bachelor's degree at Western Washington University, Bellingham with a degree in biology with a zoology emphasis and minor in anthropology. He is awaiting certification as a airport wildlife biologist after completing requisite training and completion of a year long wildlife hazard assessment at Anacortes Airport, WA..  Wendell brings a unique mix of technical, academic, and leadership skills to ASMP where he has participated in the observation and validation of avian radar systems, the DOD’s Integration and Validation of Avian Radar project and the conduct of numerous field observations and assessments.  Taking advantage of his technical expertise Wendell leads the ASMP sensor assessment efforts working with a variety of radar, and other sensor, configurations operating in L, S, and X-bands.  He is leading studies in the assessment of sensor performance improvements with the use of radar absorbent materials (RAM) and the use of radars in migration assessment. He is documenting the maintenance issues related to the deployment of avian radar systems. He is an accomplished naturalist and as part of the avian radar assessment program, he is evaluating the primary sensors used in these systems to detect and track birds and he is exploring advances to radar deployment strategies and the potential for low cost avian radar alternatives in wildlife management. He provides on-site assistance to SeaTac International Airport’s wildlife program on a variety of avian radar issues.