Accipiter Avian Radar at JFK International
Jim With Radar
John F. Kennedy International Airport
Inside Avian Radar Trailer
FOD Testing Grid
FOD Testing with Clipboard
FOD Walk at Changi International Airport
Trex FOD Finder at Chicago O'hare
Chicago O'Hare international Airport
Avian Radar Testing at Skagit Wildlife Reserve
Stratech iFerret FOD Detection System
FOD Testing at dusk at O'Hare

DFW Airport


Dallas-Fort Worth airport participated with CEAT-ASMP in multiple projects designed to improve wildlife hazard mitigation.  First, the staff of DFW supported the evaluation by CEAT of Waveband’s BirdarTM at their airport.  Several field sites around the airfield were used over a course of several days to observe different types of birds, flocking and non-flocking and a variety of sizes.  

CEAT also assisted DFW in designing a database and data recording form to improve the data recording system which was in place at that time.  Subsequently DFW has again upgraded their data recording system.  In addition a spatial analysis of the airfield and surrounding vicinity was conducted by CEAT.  The source and sinks of bird hazards were identified using land use data.  CEAT personnel performed an analysis of strike data to identify change in strike rate by season, month, runway and other possible factors.  

In May 2011 CEAT began a performance assessment of a Geo-Marine Inc. MARS radar system.  The Geo-Marine system operated for over a year.  In 2012 CEAT began a performance assessment of a second radar system at DFW, the Syracuse Research Corporation BSTAR.  As a portion of the performance assessment CEAT has conducted validation exercises.  CEAT concluded validation observations for the MARS system in June of 2012.  Validation for the BSTAR is ongoing.