Accipiter Avian Radar at JFK International
Jim With Radar
John F. Kennedy International Airport
Inside Avian Radar Trailer
FOD Testing Grid
FOD Testing with Clipboard
FOD Walk at Changi International Airport
Trex FOD Finder at Chicago O'hare
Chicago O'Hare international Airport
Avian Radar Testing at Skagit Wildlife Reserve
Stratech iFerret FOD Detection System
FOD Testing at dusk at O'Hare

T.F. Green Airport

An installation of QinetiQ TarsierTM FOD radar was completed at TF Green International Airport in April 2007.  Two towers were installed on the airfield to scan runway 5-23.  Test campaigns were conducted by CEAT from June 2007 to March 2008 to assess performance of the Tarsier under different weather conditions.  Each test campaign consisted of a calibration phase, a performance testing phase, and a blind testing phase.  In addition an operational analysis was conducted as a part of the performance assessment using feedback from the operations personnel at TF Green.  The QinetiQ Tarsier radar has been installed at several other airports including Vancouver International Airport.  For more information see the FOD advisory circulars published by the FAA, linked on this page.